For the past 26 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army have been responsible for the abduction, rape, mutilation, and innumerable injustices toward over 66,000 people in Central Africa. Most of these abductions have been children who have been forced into the rank of the army and forced to commit murder, often times their own parents and family members. The LRA commanders tell these children that if they attempt to defect or return home that they will be killed by the Peacekeepers sent by the United Nations.

If you came to one of our shows this time last year then you probably heard us talk about Resolve and the LRA. We asked you to sign petitions and to write letters to your state representatives to urge them to use their influence to help stop the senseless evil of Joesph Kony and his LRA. Although progress has been made on the issue there is still so more that can be done. That is why Tir Asleen has joined forces with our friend Brian and The Voice Project to help finally bring an end to the LRA.

The Voice Project has been working with United Nations in building FM radio stations as well as helping with the production of broadcast content for the stations, recording family members and ex-combatants that have returned home safely, and songs in their native Acholi letting them know they can come home. Recent UN debriefings from the increasing number of ex-combatants who are defecting and surrendering show that for well over 50% the main factor in deciding to escape and surrender has been the recent FM radio broadcast programs encouraging them to come home!

This is why we are humbly asking you to take part in something greater than yourself by spreading awareness and stopping these acts of inhumanity by following the link to our CrowdRise at the bottom of this post. Donations are not the only way to help (there are so many others!) but as incentive if we reach our goal of $300 we will release “Oregon Trail” for free download at Please, please, please REBLOG this post. One click can turn the tide of another person’s life.

To donate or for more info on how you can help please go HERE.